Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste refers to many common waste materials that are produced by modern industrial and commercial activities. It is defined as waste that has characteristics that potentially are harmful to human health or the environment. These types of wastes need to be expertly and safely managed.Risk assessments have been carried out for a wide range of different situations covering the operational lifetime of the landfill and the waste treatment and recovery facility, the post operational period for the landfill and in particular the long term future of the landfill when management of the site may no longer be in place.

Augean takes pride in its excellent compliance practices to ensure the safe and responsible treatment, recycling, recovery, reuse, or disposal of hazardous waste. The modern waste industry is highly regulated with a strong emphasis towards increasing sustainable practices which protect the environment, are safe and make the best use of resources.

Producers of hazardous waste and LLW are required by legislation and best practice guidance to manage their waste by exploring options for treatment or disposal in an appropriate manner in accordance with the waste hierarchy. This means in order of the most desirable outcomes, producers must seek to minimise, reuse, recycle or treat the waste. Even after the application of the hierarchy principles there will still be significant volumes of residual waste which have to be disposed of through the final option of landfill.

Typical hazardous wastes include:

  • Construction and demolition wastes like contaminated soil, treated wood and asbestos.
  • Electronic wastes such as fluorescent tubes, computer equipment and televisions.
  • Industrial wastes like solvents, paint, varnish oils, cleaning cloths, filters and soiled protective clothing.
  • Residue from other forms of waste treatment for example air pollution control residues or ash from incinerators or dewatered sludge from treatment plants.

The principle wastes that are disposed of in the hazardous waste landfill site at ENRMF are contaminated soils, asbestos, stabilised wastes and residues from recovery or treatment operations. No liquids, explosive, flammable, oxidising, corrosive or infectious wastes are accepted at landfill sites.


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