The preliminary design of the proposed restoration scheme for the site, once the operational life of the site is over, incorporates wildflower grassland interspersed with areas of scrub and trees which in time will extend naturally to provide more extensive woodland cover with glades and rides integrating with the surrounding woodlands and providing wildlife links between them.

The scheme includes an extensive network of hedgerows with occasional trees which would link areas of vegetation and mark field boundaries as well as delineating the route of a maintenance track along which a new footpath would extend.

Other footpath routes would provide circular walks and would link with public rights of way in the local area.

Waterbodies will be woven into the design at locations at the base of the raised landfill areas once the site drainage scheme has been developed.

The restoration scheme principles follow those for the current site which were designed with the Northants Wildlife Trust in order to match their requirements for adoption as a Local Wildlife Site and to meet several of the Northamptonshire Biodiversity Action Plan habitat creation targets.

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