The East Northants Resource Management Facility

The East Northants Resource Management Facility (ENRMF) is an acknowledged part of the nationally significant infrastructure for the management of hazardous waste and low-level radioactive waste (LLW) and provides a strategically placed resource for wastes generated primarily in the centre and south of the UK.

The objective of waste management is to control wastes in a way that adequately protects human health and the environment, both now, when the waste is disposed, and in the future. The ENRMF provides a safe and appropriate facility with a highly skilled workforce specially trained to manage difficult types of waste.

The site comprises the active landfill site which includes restored and partially restored landfill areas together with a waste treatment and recovery facility.

There is existing infrastructure which includes the site entrance area, which is shortly to be upgraded, the weighbridge and waste reception facilities, site offices, welfare facilities, wheel and vehicle body washing facilities and a laboratory.

The site has Environmental Permits which are regulated by the Environment Agency. There are strict acceptance criteria which define what can and cannot be disposed to landfill.

Detailed procedures are in place before the wastes are accepted for dispatch to the site and further procedures are in place for when the wastes are delivered to the site to check that only permitted wastes are delivered and accepted.

The ENRMF is the subject of a Development Consent Order (DCO) which was granted in July 2013 and amended in June 2018 to increase the throughput of wastes at the waste treatment and recovery facility. The current DCO specifies that the site should be completed and restored by 31 December 2026.



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