Augean is a leading company in the specialist waste management sector. It delivers a wide range of services in order to recycle, treat, recover and dispose of difficult to manage waste materials, including Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLW), in a responsible and sustainable way.

The company operates 15 sites across the UK and has owned and operated the ENRMF site since 2004.

Augean is committed to conducting all its site operations in a responsible manner and is dedicated to programmes of improvement within the business by adopting the most up to date best practice and best available techniques for managing wastes that reduce the impact on the environment.

The company has high standards of health and safety, environmental and quality management which are certified by the British Standards Institution. The management systems include standard processes and procedures for routine operations as well as systems which are implemented in the event of any unplanned events.

Augean meets its obligations so that it can deliver its services in a way that is safe for local communities, the environment and employees.

The company’s objectives are set out in the annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report which is available on our website:

The Augean Community Fund and the Augean Revenue and Small Capital Grants Fund support local projects. Details of recent projects that have been supported and more about the funds can be found later in the exhibition.



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