Monitoring of the environment around the site, including ground and surface water, soil and air is conducted in accordance with the site’s Environmental Permits and as agreed with the Environment Agency, to confirm that the site is operating in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.

In addition to the environmental monitoring required during the operational life of the landfill site and the waste treatment and recovery facility, there is a requirement for Augean to continue monitoring the landfill site after the site has closed and until the Environment Agency is satisfied that the site has stabilised. Augean is required by law to make funding available to provide sufficient resources for the site to be looked after following closure or in the unlikely event that the site operator is unable to do so.

Monitoring schemes are designed and implemented to confirm that the design, construction and operating methods applied at the site are effective in eliminating or controlling risks.

Monitoring technicians work to agreed programmes and protocols approved by the Environment Agency. The air and water around the site is sampled to gather quantitative environmental data which is reported to the regulators at agreed periodic intervals.

Augean provide regular reports to the Environment Agency on environmental performance in respect of; landfill gas, air emissions, leachate, surface water, groundwater, dust, noise and radiation.

Workers at the site wear appropriate levels of personal protective equipment. Dosimeters are worn to provide reassurance to confirm that the radiation exposures received by the workers are in accordance with the predictions from the risk assessments. These are sealed units and are taken away for testing by Public Health England. There has never been any detectable level of radiation from the dosimeters that have been worn at ENRMF. Key monitoring data is available on the website:

Port Clarence Monitoring


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